Our philosophy

We believe that providing a safe, secure, engaging and welcoming environment, with experienced and qualified staff, the provision of high quality resources and equipment and a dedication to improving standards as pivotal in the delivery of a high quality children’s service.


We are committed to connecting with the community and community strengthening through a partnership approach with the children, families and external community agencies.

We encourage active participation and involvement by the children, their families and the greater community into the development and evaluation of our service delivery and the programmes offered.

We will actively engage to ensure that each individual’s opportunities and experiences facilitate the strengthening of the individual’s capacity to reach their potential.

We value positive relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust and we will encourage and facilitate open, honest and transparent communication.

We acknowledge and value the skills and experience that each staff member brings to the service and are dedicated to improving standards and ethical professional practice for our staff.

We will work within all the National Quality Frameworks regulatory and compliance requirements and operate under the National Quality Standards to deliver a High Quality Service.