We regularly receive requests from companies who wish to supply to the YMCA. Please use this information as a guide before contacting our purchasing team.

YMCA Victoria is a community-based charity offering programs and services throughout Victoria, Australia. We work alongside ten other Victorian associations in service areas including:

  • health and fitness;
  • sport and recreation;
  • aquatics;
  • youth services;
  • children's services;
  • camping and outdoor education, and
  • accommodation.

We negotiate a range of purchasing agreements on both a 'sole supply' and 'preferred supplier' basis which our centres and programs can access.


New agreements are developed with honesty and integrity

All major sole supplier agreements are advertised in the Tenders section of The Age. There is a cost regarding suppliers gaining full access to the YMCA market and for the various forms of support that we offer. We analyse all submissions and make our decisions based on stated criteria outlined in the specifications, and on the basis of a 'first and best' submission. We will always do our best to make all agreements successful and to build sales through the term of the agreement.


We are aware of the value of small suppliers and those who are located close to our centres. And while we need to seek agreements for all of our centres on major supply arrangements, we leave many of the small supply areas up to the discretion of the local manager.



We offer significant levels of business and in return we expect:

  • Value for money and a significant advantage over other suppliers;
  • High level support, where issues will be resolved quickly and effectively;
  • A quarterly report of sales including a number and dollar value for each centre, and in total;
  • A percentage-based rebate paid quarterly, of which the surplus over our costs flows will flow directly into supporting those people who are doing it tough to become healthier, happier, and more connected to their communities;
  • Significant agreements are subject to quarterly review meetings.



You will benefit from a formal agreement that guarantees your supply for an agreed period. The agreement will be published internally so that all centres are aware of the arrangement. You can make 'special offers' or announce 'sale items' on our internal quarterly Purchasing Newsletter, and promote your product/service through YMCA trade forums.

Usage figures are not available, unless a supply agreement has been established in the past, in which case we may be able to provide estimated volumes. For a list of centres and their features, visit the Locate section of this website.

Purchasing and payment is not centralised, therefore suppliers will need to ensure systems are in place to manage this.


Please enquire about a formal agreement before you make contact with a centre directly. The centre may also contact you to establish a supply arrangement.