School Partnerships

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As a community-minded organisation, we are excited about the opportunity of working with your school and believe we can offer your community much more than just exceptional Before and After School Care.

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We draw upon over 20 years of experience in the child care sector. Across Australia, we see nearly three million children participate in our programs annually. In Victoria alone, we operate Early Learning Centres, Before and After School Care, Kindergarten and School Holiday Programs. We thrive when in partnership with like-minded organisations and we understand that through strong relationships with the community, we can contribute to a caring environment where children can be happier and healthier.

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With the YMCA, you drive the agenda

We honour a collaborative approach when designing your program.

We understand that not one size fits all

All our programs are tailored to the needs of your school.

You can trust us

The YMCA is an accredited child-safe organisation. Policies and procedures are in place and actively reviewed to ensure the safety of all children and young people whilst in our care. This includes higher staff-to-child ratios and ensuring a minimum of two staff are working at all times.

Children come first at the YMCA

Our Before and After School Care services have a dedicated coordinator responsible for planning educational experiences and reflective practices. This planning is done in out-of-ratio hours to avoid compromising your child’s supervision. We are backed by a large community organisation focused on the health and happiness of young people.

We are dedicated to measuring the impact of our programs and this allows us to inform, fine-tune and improve everything  we do.

We believe in education and are continuously investing in our team’s expertise and development. As a result, the children in our care feel the benefits.

Quality comes in many forms. We’ve been rated 16% higher than the national average in quality service provision.

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