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Our first priority is safety. YMCA is accredited by the Australian Childhood Foundation as a child-safe organisation. This accreditation was achieved by ensuring child-safe practices are embedded in everything we do by:

  • regular staff training and checks
  • two educators in our spaces at all times
    0-3 years = 1 educator per 4 children (1:4)
    3-5 years = 1 educator per 11 children (1:11)
  • electronic entry at centre entrance
  • scheduled drop-off and pick-up routines.


Delicious and healthy breakfast, morning tea, lunch and snacks prepared onsite daily by our qualified chef, in accordance with the Healthy Together Achievement Program.

Long opening hours

Monday- Friday 6:30 am -6:30 pm 
We are only closed on official public holidays.


With quick and convenient My Family Lounge app, you can update and change details or bookings easily.
Our interactive 60-inch eBoards are perfect for educational apps, games, videos drawing and more. 


Nappies and Linen

Quality nappies and bedding. Each child has their own manchester, which is laundered onsite.

What will my child do at Clyde North Moroak Crescent?

Learning experiences

We take a holistic approach to childcare and create engaging, fun and educational experiences that will help your happy child reach their full potential and feel prepared for their schooling journey. 
Our programs are developed in accordance with the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework, and the National Quality Framework.

Fun and play

Each day your child will have lots of fun enjoying a variety of activities that nurture their inquisitive minds.

Examples of daily activities:

  • outdoor play- playground and gardening, sunscreen provided of course!
  • messy play- water play and mud play
  • risky play- recognising boundaries through play
  • music play- singing, listening and playing
  • book time- quiet time and being read to
  • incursions and excursions- such as trips to a local farm and visits from the dentist
  • educational and non-plastic toys, with ‘open-ended’ imaginative play
  • interacting with friends and new children.