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The new Child Care Subsidy now takes into account the number of hours (not just days) that your child attends our centre.

To ensure our families are able to optimise their subsidy based on their personal circumstances we are introducing new session lengths at our Early Learning Centres.

You will be able to choose between:

  • 9 hour session
  • 10 hour session
  • 11 hours session
  • All day session (Entire opening of our centre)

We have answered some common questions from families below. Contact our Early Learning Centres directly if you have further questions.


Do I need to change my session length?

There are a few details that will help us determine the session length you should consider:

  • The number of days you use our service each fortnight (through a permanent booking)
  • The number of hours you utilise the service each day (the time in between when you sign in and out your child/ren)
  • Your usage of casual bookings (on a regular or irregular basis)

We recommend you book an appointment with your Centre Manager to discuss your situatino and determine the best session length for you.


What if my child is at the centre longer than my allocated session time?

To give you and your family time to settle in to the CCS and our new session times, we are offering a 3 month adjustment period. This means that there will be no additional charges for families using more than their session length. This transition period allows you to learn what works best for your family.

For example, if a 10-hour session will help maximise your days at our centre, over the next 3 months we will not charge you any additional fees if you go over your session length.

Late fees will still apply if your child is in our care past our closing time.

Can I still use casual bookings and is it covered by my subsidy?

Casual bookings are still available to families (with no additional fees charged). They can be booked through our My Family Lounge app and are eligible for the CCS.

Casual bookings at our centre are for all day sessions.

What is the cost of each session?

Each session will be charged at the same daily rate (check your local centres daily fee).

The cost is the same for all session lengths as the number of meals provided, appropriate child to educator ratios and our educational programs do not vary between session lengths.

Can I change my session time later on?

Yes, you can make a change to your session length. Like any other changes to your permanent booking, we require 2 weeks written notice to our centre.

Apart from updating my session length, is there another way I can optimise my subsidy?

Increasing your level of activity may increase the number of hours of subsidised care you will be eligible for.

  • Are you factoring in the travel time between your work and our centre?
  • Are you actively looking for work?
  • Do you volunteer?