Frequently asked questions

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School holidays are a fun way for your child to create new experiences, make friends and learn from experienced educators. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about our school holiday programs.

GeneralEnquiries Titles

What are your opening and closing times?

Our Centre opening and closing times may vary, with some opening at either 6.30am or 7.00am. Closing time is usually 6.30pm. Please check with the OSHC Coordinator for exact times.

What do I do if my child is absent or running late?

A phone call is appreciated so we can let our staff know.


How do I find the Centre’s phone, fax or email address?

This information can be found on each Centre’s website profile.

Where can I find messages and notices?

We communicate important messages and notices through email and through signage in the BASP room and on the sign in table.


OrientationProgramming Title

Do you provide an orientation process?

There is no formal orientation process, however you and your child are welcome to pay the site a visit prior to the program, or otherwise, on your child’s first day an educator will explain how the program runs and provide your child with a site tour.


Where can I find program information?

School holiday program information can be found on the Children’s Programs website up to 5 weeks before school holidays.  OSHC Coordinators will also have copies of the SHP flyer for you to access. If your local primary school offers a YMCA Before and After School Program the school should also have program flyers for you to access.



Where are site's policies kept?

Our policies are kept with the OSHC Coordinator on site, upon request to our Administration and Accounts team, and in the Family Handbook. We are happy to provide these policies in languages other than English if required.

What is the site’s exclusion policy?

Our exclusion policy varies dependent on the condition or illness. YMCA Children’s Services follows the Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines ‘Staying Healthy in Childcare.’ We also follow YMCA policies set out in the Parent Handbook and on our website.

If I want to make changes to my child’s care arrangements what do I do and how much notice do l need to give?

We would ask you to email the OSHC Coordinator directly. One week’s written notice is required for any withdrawal or changes to a child’s booking.

What is the procedure when you arrange for someone else to pick up your child?

If someone other than who you have written on your child’s enrolment information is coming to pick them up on your behalf you will need to notify the OSHC Coordinator in writing prior to the day.

They will need to have photo ID on them for staff to view.

FeesCharges2 Title

How do I pay my fees?

Your fees are direct debited from your nominated account and are paid a fortnight in advance. We do not accept cash at the SHP site. For more information visit our fees and payments page.

Do I have to pay for absent days?

Parents are required to pay fees for all absent days, including public holidays. Your Child Care Subsidy can still be applied to the fees that are payable for days when your child is absent (for up to 42 absences per year).