Medication & immunisation

To ensure the safety of your child, other children and our team, we have guidelines in place to manage medication and immunisation.


Only medication prescribed by a medical practitioner or a pharmacist with a chemist dispensing label will be administered. The medication must be in the original bottle or container with the child’s name, dosage details, health professional/pharmacist name and recently prescribed date clearly labeled.

Sick children who are receiving medication must have completed a full dose over a 24-hour period before recommencing care.

If a child requires medication to be administered during their time at the YMCA, please review our Family Handbook for instructions on processes we are required to complete.


Your child’s immunisation record or Immunisation Exemption Certificate must be provided to the coordinator on enrolment at the Centre. It is also your responsibility for Centrelink to have the relevant information to ensure access to Child Care Benefits is not interrupted.

For more information, speak to the coordinator or refer to the Family Handbook.