5 (healthy) School Snacks Your Child Will Love!

  • Date: 06 February 2019
  • Category: General
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Kids can be fussy. But the earlier you start introducing healthy and nutritious food into your little one’s bellies the more energy they will have for their exciting days of learning and growing. Eating healthy food has been linked to greater happiness and less health problems later on in life.And while snacking on brussel sprouts may be out of the question (most adults also irk at the thought!) there are many tasty options that will create happier and healthier kids. The following have been recommended by our YMCA nutritionist.

And yes, we practice what we preach – we serve these healthy snacks to your kids at our centres!

  1. For whole goodness – try wholegrain crackers with cheese
    These are the good carbs and give your kids slowly released energy to fuel them throughout the day. Top your wholemeal crackers or wholemeal bread with cheese or a dip and you have a fulfilling and healthy snack to go. Muesli bars are best avoided (unless made at home) as they are jam-packed with sugar and have little nutritional value.
  2. Pro protein – yoghurt and dips
    A small tub of yoghurt, hummus dip or some slices of cheese in your child’s snack box will provide plenty of protein, energy, and calcium too. Protein is important for little bodies to grow and repair themselves, and calcium is needed for healthy teeth and bones. You can save money by packaging these snacks yourself in small plastic containers. A reusable ice block or frozen bottle of water will help keep everything chilled.
  3.  Vital vitamins in veggies – carrot sticks and celery
    Fresh vegetables are the best way for kids to get all the vitamins needed to help them develop, boost their vitality and prevent disease. An easy way to increase your child’s intake is to include crunchy raw veggie sticks in their lunchbox such as carrots, celery, cucumber, red capsicum, snow peas, green beans and cherry tomatoes. Packaged in a small plastic container they’ll stay crisp and fresh all day.
  4. Fabulous fibre in fruit – apples, bananas, mandarins and more
    Nature’s healthy sweets and completely packaged in its original form to go! From apples, pears, mandarins and oranges, there’s no shortage to the variety of fruit. Fruit which is in season is fresher and cheaper.