Busting motherhood myths

  • Date: 02 February 2018
  • Category: General
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Forgetting stuff? You must have a baby brain. When you become a mum you must become self-sacrificing, it is instinctual to put your baby first. Working mums are not real mums. Motherhood is all roses and sunshine otherwise you’re not doing it right.

Sound familiar?

The modern mother faces scrutiny from society every day and is constantly told a bunch of old and out of date myths. But how many of them actually have any truth?

We know that the modern family is changing and child care and early learning must change too. We’re going to keep up with the times and bust some motherhood myths.

Myth: Babies turn your brain to mush
Reality: Motherhood makes minds sharper.

“Baby brain” or “mummy brain” is a common phrase used by pregnant women and new mums. And while there is evidence that pregnant women’s brains shrink in late pregnancy, new science says that after birth mothers have better stress management, judgement, strategic thinking and empathy.

Myth: A good mum is self-sacrificing
Reality: The idea of what a good mother is has changed over centuries

Never has the ideal mother become so self-sacrificing and intensive. Sociologists observe the extreme changes over the centuries. Before the 18thcentury motherhood was outsourced with nurses and wet nannies. The ideal has changed into a more intense and “smother mother” type where today’s mums are expected to do it all. While caring for your family and children is important, stop and think about whether you need to sacrifice all your needs. You will be able to look after your family better if you are happy and healthy yourself. Don’t be scared to ask for help.

Myth: Working mums aren’t real mums
Reality: Both working and stay-at-home mums face challenges

With the rise of new mums returning to the workforce there has been a growing acceptance of the “working mum.” However full-time mothers are still made to feel like outsiders and disconnected from their children. Working mums may face judgement from other parents and the community, and may feel inadequate. The reality is that working mums do still their fair share of unpaid domestic work and caring for the family according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Myth: Motherhood should be great all the time
Reality: Being a mum is tough

According to The Secret Life of Mum survey, 55% of women admit to lying about their child and putting a positive spin on motherhood. The survey revealed that 75% of parents also had dislike and annoyance towards their children at some point. What can we learn from this survey? Mothers are adding to this myth themselves, because there is an expectation that they should be perfect and loving parents all the time. The truth is, being a human is hard in general, so why should motherhood be any different?