Christmas present ideas for children that encourage learning

  • Date: 07 December 2017
  • Category: General
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With Christmas fast approaching us (ALREADY?!) it’s time to look at those very long lists to Santa that your children have written. As a parent, you want to make sure your money is well spent, and that your children are getting gifts that they will love but that will also benefit them in their learning journey – sorry, hover boards don’t make the cut.  But educational tools for children don’t have to be boring, actually they work best when they are fun! We’ve put together a list of gifts that encourage learning, and that your children will love.

For visual and language skills: Books

Suitable for ages: All ages

Price: Starting from $10

From babies to school aged children, there’s a type of book to suit everyone. A great story with colourful pictures is essential for children to develop visual and language skills. Stories capture their imaginations and teach them about the world, and sitting down to a good book together is a perfect bonding activity for little ones and their parents. Even if your child can’t read the book on their own, hearing you read the story out loud will contribute to their language skills and develop their vocabulary.

For problem solving: Building toys

Suitable for ages: Two to twelve

Price: Wooden block sets from $30, Lego sets from $50

Building toys like blocks and Lego are great to unleash your child’s creativity. They can range from simple wooden blocks, to Lego sets with instructions to build pirate ships. Choose building toys that are appropriate for your child’s age, and watch as they construct their own little world, problem solve and invent. Building blocks will help them learn about spatial awareness, balance, stability and symmetry through their trial and error.

For encouraging imagination: Play dough

Suitable for ages: Two to ten

Price: Starting at $5

A children’s favourite that has been around for years, and for good reason! Play dough can be used by children of many ages and it’s non-toxic so it’s even safe for babies. Children’s imaginations will allow them to make almost any game they like out of play dough, which stimulates their creativity. Language and motor skills will also benefit from this type of open-ended play.

For learning new creative skills: Art supplies

Suitable for ages: All ages

Price: Starting at $5

Paints, pencils, crayons, fabric, glitter – you name it, children will love it! Art supplies are colourful and fun, and what child doesn’t like creating their very own art? You can gift them art supplies such as these alongside colouring books, or you can buy pre-made craft activity sets which can help them learn skills such as painting, drawing, sewing or jewellery making.

For spatial awareness and problem solving: Board games and puzzles

Suitable for ages: Four to adult

Price: Board games start from $25, puzzles start from $10

Older children will love being gifted a new board game or puzzle. Puzzles help with spatial awareness and problem solving, and can range from very easy to challenging thousand-piece boxes. Games are great for family bonding, as they can be played in groups, which helps with social and communication skills. Depending on the board game, these can help children with language skills, maths skills, problem solving, fine motor skills, visual perception and colour recognition. Playing games with other people may also help children manage their frustrations, and learn about fair play.

There are many more options out there for gifts that will help your child learn while they have fun.

Happy shopping!