Derrimut Update

  • Date: 31 May 2018
  • Category: General

Centre Update

We would like to welcome all new families into the Sessional Kinder Group 6, as well as welcoming our new educators Fiona and Komal to our centre. Fiona and Komal have worked very hard to set up the new kinder space for our children so please feel free to pop in and say hi! In other news; we have noticed room numbers increasing in our younger rooms (children aged 1-3 years), so remember to book in quick!

With the transition from summer to winter, the children have been enjoying indoor and outdoor activities. The children in Pre-Kinder and Kinder have enjoyed local excursions to park play grounds. Our OSHC children and educators have been enjoying an exciting program running with the kinder set-up and new resources and been looking after all new resources very well.

We would like to invite parents to join in us for the Community Clean up in conjunction with Zoos Victoria. 

A reminder for all families to please log in to your family portal for immunisation and allergy updates as well as casual booking spots. 

Sessional Kinder

The focus over the past two months was on setting up a routine for the children and settling children into the programme. We acknowledged all Australian and New Zealand soldiers on ANZAC Day and made poppies and ANZAC biscuits.  During this activity every child had an opportunity to pour, mix and problem solve with the mixture. The play experiences like blocks, cars, animal-play, puzzles help them not only to make new friends but also make them learn to problem solve and develop numeracy and social skills. Educators have been focussing on using the STEM Investigation method into big, small and medium items over the past months. Children were also learning the names of the dinosaurs and medical terminology. This term we have also introduced a library borrowing system where each child could borrow a book and share with their family.

Children have been using wooden pegs to count, line up, sort, categorise and familiarise themselves with counting processes, one to one counting correspondence and naming number symbols on our numeracy table. Children have also been working collaboratively; playing different hospital roles. We have focussed on Dinosaur imaginative play; encouraging children’s imagination, creativity, communication, problem solving and social skills as the children share this play space. Moulding the clay was a great experience for them to develop their fine motor skills and enhancing their eye-hand co-ordination. We have also been reading new books, learning new songs and petting the rabbits and chickens.

STEM program for kinder teachers is coming! We’ve been lucky enough to be able to organise this for all our kinder teachers! We are also excited about ongoing local excursions!

OSHC Update

April seen a dramatic change in the layout and look of the OSHC room. Due to the 6th kinder group commencing, the room will now be a shared space for both kinder and OSHC. Permanent play spaces to cater for the needs and interests of all children have been set up. At first the OSHC children were a little unsure, however it didn’t take them long to settle into the space and become really engaged in the experiences. Children’s interest this month included Lego, construction, art and craft and sports games.

My time our place –Children have been using their imagination, creativity, concentration skills and communication skills during their play and experiences. They have been discovering new ways to use resources and experimenting with things they are unsure of what to do with. We have been providing children with the opportunity to show greater responsibility within the program by giving them the opportunity to organise and run some activities as well as encouraging staff to capture and document children’s learning as it is occurring and follow up on the extensions. Positive behaviour strategies have been used for the whole group.

Winter School Holiday program is coming up in four weeks. There are also ongoing sports activities during After School Care program.

ELC Update

Focus areas over the past two months have been colour mixing, light and dark shades, name stamping leading and numeracy counting. Children are beginning to write their own name on their artwork which is great to see.  We have also been working with families on toilet training. Toilet training has been going well with the children as well as more children becoming less dependent on having bottles and day-time sleeps. We plan to change the room around with new resources and continue to settle in new children. We are also planning a trip to the ice-cream shop to promote children’s language and to extend their interests.

The centre is planning a working bee in July, parents are welcome to come and join us.