Epping North Update

  • Date: 31 May 2018
  • Category: General

Centre Update

We would like to welcome two new Educators to our team, Manpreet and Nina! Both have many years of Early childhood education experience. We look forward to what they’re going to bring to the centre!

Kangaroo Room

Educators have covered many learning and development areas over the last 2 months! Celebrating a lot of different cultural festivals and traditions including Holi Festival, St Patrick’s Day and Easter. Whilst celebrating, educators read stories and researched the different cultures.
Children have also started thinking about how to protect the environment and the impact that plastic bags have on the environment. Educators have discussed healthy eating and nutrition with children, ensuring children know what foods are “always” foods and “sometimes” foods.

Some of the staff brought in Holi colours and the children participated in putting the colours onto their skin. The children also created their own “Holi Self-Portraits” where they drew a picture of themselves, then using pastels they coloured in their pictures. Also, one of the Mum’s came into the Centre and made library bags with the children using fabric. This is great because the children now have library bags to take with them when they start heading over to the mobile library!

For Mother’s Day the children made special cards and bath bombs for their Mum’s. Excursion to the Mobile Library will be starting soon once all excursion forms have been returned.

Echidna Room

Over the past two months the children have been doing different activities involving nature, with the children beginning to take notice of the indoor plants in the room. Children are taking increasing responsibility of their natural surroundings and also sharing their own knowledge with their peers. We celebrated Autumn colours by painting with colours that reflected autumn. This particular activity enabled children to observe the change in their natural surroundings and extend their learning about seasons.

Another focus area for learning has been identifying emotions and expressing them effectively. This included learning to identify other’s emotions and acting accordingly. To promote this educators have been doing an emotion sort out activity along with the group time game “Guess the Emotion”.

Children were observed exploring the outdoor area, looking for fallen leaves and collecting them to show educators. Educators extended on children’s learning by doing some planting for mother’s day presents where children sowed the seeds and watched them grow.

Children were able to verbalise their emotions and identify other’s too. Educators encouraged children to stand up for themselves and using words like “Stop” followed by how they feel.

Possum Room

In May, the children enjoyed building their own gardens where herbs and lettuce were planted. The lettuce grew and was used in one of the salads in the centre. The children continue to recognise and explore with colour through everyday learning experiences, including paint mixing and identifying colours through discussions. A focus area recently has been healthy meals where the children have been able to recognise nutritious meals and food options using the healthy meal plate activity. They have also been excited to join in with educators and peers on the trial a sports program, learning Yoga and dancing.

Educators are proud to have observed some of the children showing interest in and recognising foods from different food groups. They have been able to match the foods to images on the healthy meals plate activity. The children have also grown their interest in joining in for stretches and yoga with their educators. This will be something educators hope to carry forward as it is a fun and calming way for the children to release their energy and express themselves.

Mother’s Day Morning Tea was be held on Monday, May 14th with great success!

During May the focus was on Autumn and encouraging families and children to collect autumn leaves to help decorate our room.

As the children have shown more interest in using the scissors. Learning will focus on scissors cutting with the children to help build their fine motor skills and coordination.

Wombat Room

In Room 4 the children have been focusing on the five senses; exploring sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. Educators have been providing stimulating play spaces and experiences which reflect this interest. Shaving foam sensory play, playdough, baking experiences and crafts. These all allowed the children the opportunity to become engaged, focused and stimulated through hands on fun inspired experiences which reflect our current goal of sensory and language development.

When introducing new children to the room educators have noticed great progress with the existing children, as the children are familiar with their learning environment, they are beginning to display a sense of belonging, creating and forming reciprocal relationships with their Educators and peers. This helps in a warm welcoming space where everyone is encouraged to have a go, explore and learn through play.

Mother’s Day morning tea was on Monday 14th May where children and their mothers shared a special morning tea of scones and fruit. The children in room 4 have also been hard at work baking chocolate balls and painting canvases for their loved one all whilst reflecting back to the current developmental goal of sensory.

Koala Room

The children are now referring to their peers by their names. It is quite interesting to watch them call out to one another as they hand out toys to each other or to simply engage in mutual play. Learning to get along with each other is an integral part of the children’s day. To support this form of learning, educators have provided friendship games and activities that model sharing and turn-taking to help children learn these important social actions. Educators also encourage the children to use good manners by saying “Please” and “Thank you”.

Children are engaging in conversations with their peers as they exchange thoughts and ideas. They are starting to gain a sense of self as they see themselves as individual beings who have their own thoughts and feelings. As the children build on their self-confidence, they are motivated to explore, discover and to learn new things with their peers. 

In the week leading up to Mother’s Day the children enjoyed gifts to present to their mum’s on the day!

Platypus Room

Over the last two months, we have been focusing on children’s physical health and movement skills. Educators have been providing the babies with push toys and encouraging them to stand and hold the handle as well as encouraging them to walk while pushing the toys. Educators have also set up a big cushion along with a big cardboard box for the children to climb over. This has been exciting for them to build on their gross motor skills and on core and overall as well as realising where their body is in space.

Fine motor development is an important foundation for the attainment of other important skills in the future such as self-help skills, using cutlery, drawings etc. So we have created stacking activity with cardboard tube for children to have the opportunities practising threading the cardboard rings on top of the holder and taking them off which have required concentration, eye-hand coordination, persistency and problem solving skills.
The babies have also experienced ribbon pulling where they have been manipulating the cardboard tube and experimenting with cause and effect, pulling the pony head from one side to another while at the same time, exploring texture and colours.

Over the past month, educators have enjoyed seeing the babies’ achievements in their learnings and developments. The babies have started eating more dissolvable solids than puree, feeding themselves, walking independently indoor and outdoor, sitting, rolling over and even using some words to communicate with the educators.

Educators have been focusing on children’s cognitive, communication and literacy skills over the past two months. Providing children with paper cups to place on top of each other, doing art on Mother’s day, reading simple stories, singing rhymes and songs every day, pointing to pictures and naming the objects have been activities Room 6 has focussed on.

OSHC Update

The key focus over the last two months has been on ‘Identity’. Educators are highlighting with children each child’s unique position in this world and how it connects to others and what they do.

Educators have been facilitating activities such as developing each child’s own scrapbook portfolio, sharing stories about their own experiences, using art and craft to identify people, role play, and using feature stickers to create different faces. Educators have also been linking this to different celebrations and traditions that have come up during this time.

The school holiday program will be available within the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled for an exciting fun filled program loaded with a variety of activities.