Five outdoor game ideas for your family

  • Date: 09 November 2017
  • Category: General
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With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to get outside with the whole family for some activities in the sun. The Australian Government recommends that children participate in both indoor and outdoor play every day. Active outdoor play is essential to keep them physically active, and what better way than to organise some outdoor family games? The best thing about these games is that they don’t cost a thing.

Read on for some ideas!

Throwing games
Bring any ball or Frisbee out into the backyard or park, and have fun running around throwing it to each other. You can make it into a more structured team game of park footy or soccer with the addition of goals if you’d like. Just use items of clothing or pillows on the grass as your ‘goals’.

Set up races in any outdoor area. You can make them more fun by turning them into a relay with different teams. If there are only a few of you, you can time the relay and compete against yourselves. You can also play flag races on sand or grass, where the players race to dive onto the ground and pick up ‘flags’ at the finish line, which can be any item that can be grabbed easily.

Treasure hunts
You might be familiar with the classic Easter egg hunt, but this game can be played at any time of the year. The ‘treasures’ can be anything; small colourful items work well. Hide these around the backyard or park and watch your children as they run around trying to be the quickest to find the most treasures.

Scavenger trail
Similar to a treasure hunt, but the whole team works together to solve it. This one takes more planning, and it’s more interesting for older children who love adventures. Hide pieces of paper with the clues on them around the yard. Each clue leads the scavengers to the next one, and at the last clue you can hide a prize or activity, or even the picnic basket!

Giant’s treasure
There are many different versions of this game, and you may remember it from your own childhood! The ‘giant’ stands with their back to the rest of the players who walk about twenty metres away. The players have to run towards the giant, who can turn around at any time. When the giant turns around, everyone else has to freeze. If the giant spots someone moving, that person is out. A player beats the giant if they get past them without being caught.

We hope this short list kicks yours and your children’s imaginations into gear. There are infinite games that can be created for a summer full of fun outdoor play.