Pakenham Update

  • Date: 31 May 2018
  • Category: General

Centre Update

We would like to welcome three new staff members to our team; Karyn, Laura and Sophie! Karyn our Toddler Room leader comes with years of experience and has a passion for Early Learning. She has also taken on the role of Educational Leader here and is sharing her knowledge with other staff members. Laura comes from a management role and has enjoyed getting back into the rooms and sharing her years of experience with the educators here.

Sophie has taken on the role of Room Leader in our Pre-Kinder Room and is implementing some meaningful learning experiences. We welcome back Manmeet from her overseas! She had a fantastic time and is enjoying being back.

Our Pre-Kinder and Kinder Rooms have been connecting to the community over the past two months. In April we had a family barbeque, inviting all families along for a great night of music, dancing, food and balloon animals! It was a great opportunity for families to connect with one another and get to know each other. In May we had a dentist visit us who taught us about oral hygiene and how to keep our mouths clean and on Mother’s Day we had an afternoon tea that we all enjoyed! Celebrating by painting our nails and enjoying yummy treats! Crazy hair day was lots of fun! Thank to everyone who got involved.

We are implementing a bigger sustainable program in the centre and would love families to bring in some recycled materials for the children to use and learn about.

Junior Toddler Room

We have focussed on developing learning spaces that foster and support this age group to learn through play and participate in more age appropriate experiences, such as sensory play, messy play and creative areas. To get families involved in the program can they please complete a new “All About Me” form for their child so that we can understand what the children’s developmental stages are. It would be also be great to see families do activities with the children, for example: language and craft.

The children have become more settled in the room and are engaging in the experiences that have been set up throughout the room.  

Toddler Room

We are starting to create safe and inclusive play spaces for all children and focussing on the children’s developmental areas to build on their knowledge and skills. We are also going back to indoor and outdoor play and making sure that activities are set out all of the time, doing progressive snacks for morning and afternoon tea and having lunch together encouraging interaction!

It has been great to see the children learn about primary colours. We are excited to move onto secondary colours. Other highlights from the month include letters and numbers, improving on  developmental milestones, language and social skills along with them using their words. 

The room is working as one and we are building relationships with the families. Our children’s art work is now going up on the wall and we are doing a family tree wall with the birthday board to come. We are also focussing on the children knowing their colours. Please remember to bring in your family photos!

Pre-Kinder Room

Amongst our other current projects we have been intentionally teaching the children about how to stay healthy during winter. As the Pre kinder and Kinder programs work closely together and the children are sometimes combined in the one room, we have also been engaging in the kinder’s community roles experiences. We have organised for the local doctor to come and talk to both age groups about how to keep healthy during winter. We have had group discussions with the children about catching our coughs and coughing into our elbows, washing hands regularly especially before eating, after going to the toilet and blowing your nose.

We are beginning to achieve our vision for the outdoor yard. In partnership with the kinder room, we are aiming to have our indoor program reflect outdoors. Therefore we have set up fine motor activities, building experiences, community role dress ups, dolls outdoors. We will be bringing in big plastic containers to store our current outdoor activities under shelter.
We have also been implementing culture and sustainability in the room which are ongoing topics we will explore and are visible in the room.

In preparation for ANZAC day, we introduced a children’s story book which explained to children the meaning of poppies and ANZAC day, ‘Lest We Forget’. The children participated in making poppies in their art work, a wreath and engaged in our ANZAC day play space. This included flag puzzles and picture cards which related to the ANZACs. We also baked ANZAC biscuits.We will continue to use our events calendar to plan ahead for such days.

Kinder Room

Over the last two months in the Kinder Room, the focus has been on children’s language development, social cues, self-identity, sense of community and belonging. During group time sessions, children have the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts on matters that affect them and their learning. Also, the children are also enjoying taking home our classroom teddy Sunshine and Show Tell bag; two props that are vital for children’s self-confidence and social development. In the Kinder Room there are core learning areas that support linguistic growth like the sign in area.

This month we have accomplished many goals; finished setting up our portfolios and learning about the important people in our community. Pretend play has also been a focus as children have used this as a platform to expand their imagination, role play real life scenarios and enhance their expression skills. The Kinder Room has done a great job at keeping with main events on the calendar, celebrating Earth and ANZAC Day in style.

OSHC Update

We are focussing on settling the children in, especially in our afternoon sessions. To be settled sooner, we are setting up experiences across the room for children to engage in. Educator Kirsty has lot of great ideas and program initiatives she would like to put into place. Jodie’s focus for this term is to be more involved in the programming, organising herself in the room and engaging with the children. 

Several of the older children are enjoying cooking and making slime, educators would like foster this interest. We are also sitting with the children during the afternoons and planning out the afternoon teas that they would like for the following week. During this planning session we speak about healthy food options and fuelling our bodies with the best foods. This has been a great initiative with the children and they are enjoying learning about the different foods we can make and eat. They are able to participate in the shopping too, fostering numeracy skills.

The Winter School Holiday Program is out! Book in now!