Point Cook Update

  • Date: 31 May 2018
  • Category: General

Centre Update

We are excited to welcome a new Kindergarten Teacher as well as the arrival of a new Grand Central Fort at the centre in May. We hope the arrival of the new fort for children adds value to our outdoor learning program.

We held a Mother’s Day celebration with a special afternoon tea at our centre on Friday 11th May, it was a wonderful experience for all our children and families, each room had done a special activity with the families.

We are also introducing a new roster rotation for our educators to ensure consistency of staff at drop off and pick up so that parents can receive clear communication from our Educators about their children’s day and ensure that messages are passed in a more effective manner.

In other news, the new curriculum aims to provide a clear and structured weekly program at our centre which are theme based. This means we would be dedicating specific days of the week to focus on each component of our Curriculum. Our educators are confident that they would be able to deliver a holistic program focusing on each component of our curriculum. Parent are welcome to provide their valuable feedback about the program.