Should your family make a new year's resolution?

  • Date: 26 December 2017
  • Category: General
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So what are some resolutions that your family might consider making?

Technology-free time

If you have teenagers in the family you will probably be familiar with the interruptions of texting and social media at the dinner table. Families with children of all ages can fall into the trap of eating in front of the television or having it on in the background during meal times. Your resolution could involve vowing to turn off all technology while sitting around the dinner table to eat meals together most days of the week. You will spend more time socialising and bonding as a family. Research shows that children learn more vocabulary at dinner time conversations even than being read aloud to, plus reducing screen time is always beneficial.

Adventure together

Adventure can mean whatever your family wants it to mean, whether it’s trips to the aquarium, playing a family game of sports or a hike in the beautiful bush. Plan these outings for once a month. They will give your family plenty of bonding time and fun memories, plus you have a chance to get active in the great outdoors, creating good habits for later in life. Quality time with your children is much more valuable than gifts and gadgets.

Spread the love

Your resolution this year as a family could involve being nicer. Research from the University of California shows that acts of kindness can help to boost your happiness and wellness. You could endeavour to do actions such as volunteering together as a family once a week or smaller goals such as your child decides to play with children in their class who don’t have friends. Choose as a family what kindness and being nice mean to you, and find a way to bring it into your lives.

Be a role model

If you stick to your family resolutions and talk about your progress, this will encourage your children too. You can work together to do this, for example, ask your children to remind you to turn your phone off before dinner if you’ve vowed to have technology-free meal times.

Your resolutions should benefit your family’s happiness and well-being. Your children will be more motivated to stick to their resolutions if they understand that they will have long-term benefits for everyone.

Good luck with your resolutions, and have a happy New Year!