The latest from Kororoit Creek

  • Date: 31 May 2018
  • Category: General

Centre Update

It’s been a month since our new management team started at YMCA Kororoit Creek and great things have been happening within both the office space, Early Learning and Outside School Hours Care. The centre has been focusing on building stronger relationships with our families to understand how we can provide the best possible care possible for the children.

We would like to invite parents and families to our special afternoon tea on Friday the 11th of May where we celebrate our Mother’s and special individuals in our lives.
We would love to see our families on Tuesday the 22nd of May at YMCA Derrimut for the Child Care Subsidy Information night.

Please remember to sign up to Qikkids, the easiest way to organise your week at the touch of a button! Please speak with Shelby or Jose if you need help navigating the app.

Albina Room

Over the last two months we are encouraging and giving positive learning environments for all children. We have been busy welcoming new families to the room, children are settling down in the room slowly. We are focused on children’s gross motor skills, encouraging them to work with the walker. Children are happily participating in events, through events they are getting the opportunity to learn about culture/community.

As per parents goals we are introducing colours and numbers through books and sensory play, every second week we are taking children for excursions around the centre in to the community.

Children have been learning the room routine and improving their fine and gross motor skills quickly. Through our excursions the children have been getting the opportunity to learn about the outside world and learning about the community and culture and the importance of each through participation of events. 

We are hosting a Mother’s Day afternoon tea on the 11th of May.We will also be doing some sustainability experiences within the room and wet sand play experiences.

Bindi Room

During the last two months we have been focusing on children’s interests as well as settling the new children into our service. We have also been encouraging children to use language and enhance their self-help skills. We have been doing a lot of reading, singing and using flash cards of fruit, animals and words to encourage children in their communication, the children are always praised in their efforts.

Children are engaging in enjoyable reciprocal interactions using verbal and non-verbal language, they are showing interest in picture books, singing, counting and dancing. The children are also enjoying group times where we read various books, engaging them with big animal puppets – especially Australian animals at the moment!

We sing many action songs like ‘Tuna Fish’ ‘Cheeky Monkeys’ and etc, children are learning the tunes and are beginning to sing some songs.

For our Mother’s Day celebration we will be organising activities for all children, Mothers, Grandparents and families that wish to participate.

Jiemba Room

We have been learning about animals of the ocean lately and according to our Parent Goals we are focusing on colours, numbers and the ABCs.

We have also been looking at what sustainability practices and experiences we can involve the children in – we would love our families to have a chat with us around this.

Social and emotional development has been strong over the past two months with children really involving themselves in interactions with their peers. Group times have been great with the involvement of flash cards, singing and reading books.
Reusing and re-purposing materials for play and creating new ideas has been great fun with the children!

For Mother’s Day we are hosting an afternoon tea on the 11th of May which we would love to see our families attend.

Banjo Room

Our focus has been on embedding culture and diversity into our program. Monica (Pre-service Teacher) has been implementing many experiences that explore skin colour and reading many books about diversity with the children.
We have implemented more cooking experiences and have asked for families to share their favourite recipes with us.

We are strengthening our relationships with families by requesting that they be more involved in our program. We have also asked our families to come and read to the children or share a special talent.
Teaching Phonics – We have been using an ‘Ants on the Apple’ book and song to encourage development of letter sounds, the children really enjoy this daily during mat time.

On the 11th of May we are hosting a Mother’s Day afternoon tea, we will be facilitating finger painting beauty salon and jewellery making stations – will be available that afternoon for our special guests.

Jedda Room

The children have settled well and adapted to the routines, they seem quite happy to manage altercations and demonstrate appropriate social behaviours. Most of the children participate in group experiences by demonstrating trust and confidence in both peers and educators, the children have been involved in small excursions to the local parks and playgrounds to participate in active group play.

By the children participating in these regular excursions we are providing opportunities for the children to learn and understand social rules outside of the centre, road safety and much more! It has been very exciting to get the children out and about in to the community!

We are inviting all mothers, grandmothers and all family members that inspire the children to our Mother’s Day celebrations on the 11th of May for afternoon tea.

OSHC Update

Our focus in OSHC over the past two months has been about settling children into new routines and becoming familiar and confident with communicating with new staff. We have introduced new room procedures to merge with some familiar routines, to assist the staff and children in contributing their own input and ideas. 

Working together as a whole OSHC has encouraged a sense of community across the two sites in OSHC in the morning as well as the three sites in the afternoon. 

Healthy bodies has been a huge success both morning and afternoon sessions. We anticipate that this will be reflected in our planning for not only sessions, but become part of our room routines with all staff becoming involved.