The latest from Mernda

  • Date: 31 May 2018
  • Category: General

Centre Update

In May we had the grand opening of our centre library. At this stage the library is for the children to visit with their peers to explore books and share in the excitement of the written word. The library will also become a community library where the children can borrow books to take home and share with their family and for families to come and read with their children. If anyone has any books that they would like to donate to the library we would love to include these in the environment.

As you will be aware we have created a family grouping room located between Studio 1 and Studio 3. The children will be using this room in the mornings before 8:30am and again in the afternoons from 5pm. We will also be using the family grouping room during the day as a dining room for the children to be able to dine together during meal time, please look out for this addition in the coming weeks.

Thank you to the families that have brought in boxes and containers for the children to use in their art exploration. Please continue to bring these in as this will be an ongoing project for the children.

An important part of our curriculum is teaching the children to care for and respect the environment. We will be focusing on recycling in the rooms and would love to have everyone bring in boxes that can be used with art and craft with the children. Another sustainable project that we are about to embark on is creating our own vegetable gardens in the outdoor environments. If any of our families would like to contribute to our vegetable gardens by providing vegetables and herbs that we can plant we would love to include them

We now have 6 ducks at the centre (names still to be decided). The children are loving giving their food scraps to the ducks each day. We enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day with an afternoon tea, thank you for the families who got involved.

In order to make our library comfortable we are needing cushions and bean bags. If anyone has any of these at home that they can donate please bring these in as they will be greatly appreciated.