The latest from Torquay

  • Date: 31 May 2018
  • Category: General

Centre Update

April was a big month for us with our first school holiday program taking place, and lots of new initiatives within the ELC including Beach Kinder, visiting the local Aged Care facility, and a ‘sleep outside’ day with one of our nursery rooms. We also organised a fundraising drive in the lead up to ANZAC Day with all donations going towards paying for care packages to send to our troops. Thank you to all the families that got involved. May seems to be the time for information and planning with two info nights scheduled over the next month – an info session on the new Child Care Subsidy, and a Kinder Info night looking to plan for 2019. 

2019 Kinder info night: I know, I know… we’re not even halfway through 2018 and now you have to start thinking about Kinder in 2019! If your child turns four before April 30th 2019, they can attend our four-year-old Kinder Program at ‘The Point’ next year. The info night will provide a chance for you to meet Sian (our superstar Kinder teacher), discuss the program, structure, excursions and incursions, how to achieve their 15 hours of contact time, and see what the class of 2018 have been up to so far. The night will be Monday June 4 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Please RSVP via the sign in sheet we have at reception if you are interested, or alternatively, simply reply to this email and we’ll reserve a place on the night for you. 

The Point

The Point has continued to introduce and develop the Aboriginal culture and Indigenous perspectives into the program.  The introduction of Bunjil the Eagle the creator of the land was a large element of this, using books such as Welcome to Country, which explains our connection to the land as well as these beliefs.  From here we are able to look at how we connect to the land, and furthered our daily acknowledgement through the creation of a daily echo acknowledgement which the children speak each day.   

We will continue to extend the Indigenous culture and perspectives with National Sorry Day approaching.  Through this we will be introducing further information about Bunjil and introduce his friend the Crow to the story.  We will also look at why we are saying sorry, and the significance that this has on the day.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ANZAC Drive and Dress up week. Donations will be used to purchase postage boxes, to send the troops, the luxury items, led by our kinder team Sian, Rachael and the Kinder Children.

OSHC Update

The Key focus throughout the three new sites has been getting to know the children, them us and the space. The first few weeks we spent on ‘about me’. The children came up with their own buntings and profiles, this led to self-portraits and other related work. We then got the children to come up with their own rules and expectations of themselves and the sites. This made them take responsibility for this and allows them to follow through with the rules. Other focus areas include; sustainability, professions, hobbies, craft and sports. Armstrong Creek has a vegetable garden and children have enjoyed the fruits of their labour! From planting their own seeds to watering the gardens and to now enjoying the food by eating it in ASC. Children have also made their own paper from recycled paper!

Torquay has been exploring ‘Professions’ where the children did a news panel and were amazing to watch. At Bannockburn, the children have been working on leadership through their sports games.

Highlights from these activities include watching the children take responsibility for their actions. Having the children create their own rules really ensures the space and students are treated how they would like to be treated. With the vegetable garden, the children have learnt where the vegetables and food they eat comes from. They understand the benefit of compost and take responsibility for watering the garden and the life cycle. Leadership is another great focus area that the children have been taking on well. Coming up with their own games and teaching them to their friends in the OSHC space. 

School Holiday Program will run for two weeks starting from Monday 9th July at all three sites.