Truganina South News Update

  • Date: 31 May 2018
  • Category: General

Centre Update

This month we said goodbye to two educators Kerry Maher and Anjani Pulla and welcomed Saran and Mikaela to the OSCH Coordinator roles. Wombat Room has reopened as we welcomed more casual bookings and new families to the centre. Our outdoors yard also received a revamp with new sand, dirt for the mud kitchen and digging patch, and soft fall mulch.  So look forward to your child coming home covered in adventure! It was also great to have so many families attend our Mother’s Day Celebration – stay tuned for the pictures on Facebook.

‘Bubbles not Balloons’ campaign is continuing with the Kinder and OSHC.

We are very excited to inform you that our service is introducing a parent digital sign in and out system called ‘QK Kiosk’. This digital Sign in and out system will save you time signing your child in quickly and conveniently at the touch of a button using your phone number and unique PIN code.  Over the next few weeks’ team members will guide you through this process.

Possums Room

Our focus has been getting to know all the children in the room and develop their individual goals.  We will also be implementing the daily routine and encourage the children’s self-help skills, for example; hand washing using soap and water, putting their water bottles back at the bottle station and scrapping their plates after meals.  It would be great if parents could also encourage their child to do this at home.

Wombats Room

We recently moved from the Possum room into the Wombat room.  Our focus has been on developing and increasing the children’s emotional development, particularly around expressing their emotions and increasing a positive sense of self.

Kangaroos Room 

Our focus has been on children’s hygienic habits and promoting self-help skills, particularly hand-washing and nose blowing. We are also exploring different weather conditions during group times. 

Kookaburra Room

Over the last two months the children have been participating in a number of special events including an Easter egg parade and egg hunt, learning about ANZAC Day by making poppy flowers and celebrating Mother’s Day by making cards. We also introduced the concept of sustainable practices, in particular our worm farm project; where children can learn more about how to care for worms. We recently explored the season of Autumn and have been looking at different leaves under the magnifying glass; incorporating these into our play spaces. We have also been exploring different movement patterns through music and learning about concepts such as fast and slow. 

The children have been engaged in all aspects of the program; working together in small groups, learning to share and take turns positively with each other. We have begun to play group games where there is only one winner, this concept can be challenging for children however it is a good resilience building activity.  Children are learning to become more independent within a group setting and have been given opportunities for these skills to develop through fruit cutting, pouring water and setting up/packing up play spaces throughout the day. The children are becoming increasingly confident within a group setting by sharing their experiences, picking songs, changing the calendar and ask/answer questions during group discussions and following story time.

During this month we will be introducing the program “Bubbles not balloons” an awareness program which teaches children and adults to protect our wildlife, by replacing balloons with bubbles at our special events. It is a sustainability program which also teaches children to clean up our community.
Near the end of Term we will be introducing Show and Tell and children will bring home boxes to put their special items in to bring back to kinder and share with the group.
We are also in the process of organising Incursions and Excursions. We plan to access our local community spaces such as the oval, playgrounds and school grounds as early as next week. Also keep an eye out for a pajama day and movies in our OSHC space.

If you have a special skill/interest or ideas that can be incorporated into the program. Please speak to us or alternatively you may like to be a kinder helper. If you are interested please organise a free volunteer Working With Children Check online. This is a government requirement to protect our children. We would love to have you part of our program.