Why we blow bubbles at rubber balloons

  • Date: 30 May 2018
  • Category: General

 To many families, balloons represent celebrations, birthday parties or marks a special occasion.

But, have you ever thought about what happens to balloons when you let them fly off into the sky?

When balloons are used outdoors, there is a chance they could end up in oceans and waterways harming the environment, including our local wildlife.

To promote awareness in our communities, YMCA Victoria has teamed up with Zoos Victoria to deliver an educational Clean-Up program. This clean-up program highlights how rubbish, such as balloons, impacts our environment.

During the program, a Zoos Vic facilitator equips the children with a specialised clean-up kit that allow each group to review the collected rubbish and discuss the effect it will have on the nearby wildlife. This data will be recorded and uploaded to a national database and used to monitor and guide future research.

The Clean-Up program will be held across 17 YMCA sites with the inaugural program hosted by our Torquay Early Learning Centre. The day saw YMCA Victoria Acting CEO, Michelle Bruggeman and Zoos Victoria CEO, Jenny Gray also lend a hand in collecting rubbish with Torquay families.

To take steps to continue our support for local environment, each of our YMCA Early Learning Centres have chosen to use bubbles during celebrations. Blowing bubbles is not only a wildlife safe alternative to balloons, but bubbles are also a fun activity, which children absolutely love!