Share the Care

Enrol with us during May, and you and your friend receive a week of care free!

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Our Early Learning Centres foster the holistic development of your child by offering a safe and supportive learning environment – and we want to share this with you!

Now that your friend has told you about our referral offer you need to complete two steps to claim it during the month of May!

  1. Complete the enquiry form below (don’t forget to use the promo code ShareTheCare) 
  2. Meet with us in centre, and complete your enrolment


The YMCA are committed to enriching the lives of every child by providing a warm and secure environment for them to thrive.

In addition to our commitment, we also provide many well-developed offerings to ensure your child is in a trusted and nurturing environment. These include:

  • All-inclusive service (nappies, linen, food, sunscreen) 
  • Indoor/outdoor play 
  • Highly qualified Educators, with higher than required ratios 
  • Purpose-built centres 
  • Co-location

We’re looking forward to you and your child joining our friendly community. We can’t wait for you to experience what your friend and their child already does!

Fill out the enquiry form below to complete step one. Once completed a staff member will contact you to follow up with your enquiry, or you’re welcome to contact us directly to secure your spot.

To read all T&C’s click here.

Remember to include the promo code below: ShareTheCare