Enrolment & costs

Enrolling and booking your child into School Holiday Programs is quick, easy and stress-free.

 Please refer to the YMCA Family Handbook for more information.

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Once your child is enrolled in primary school, they are eligible to book into our School Holiday Programs.

Enrolment takes 10 minutes and requires you to upload supporting documentation about your child. This includes their immunisation records, medical management plans, and (if applicable) parenting orders.

Once enrolment is complete, you can use My Family Lounge to manage your account, make and cancel bookings (with more than seven days’ notice).

Ready to book? 

 If you have already registered for an account, you can sign in to make or change bookings and update your details.

 If you are new to the centre, register online.

 Download the convenient and FREE My Family Lounge App: 


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Costs differ slightly at each location and different fees are set for each day, depending on whether it is a Headquarters, Incursion or Excursion day.  A list of fees for each Holiday Program is available four weeks prior to the Holiday Program.  The Holiday Program brochure will be available on this website, or in hard copy at your preferred location.