What to expect

Orientation Title

The orientation process at your Early Learning Centre aims to be as seamless as possible for both you and your child. Once their start date has been confirmed, we work with you to create an orientation plan.

In general, we encourage you and your child to spend two to three orientation sessions with us.

Sessions usually run for one hour and we ask parents to remain in the room on the first visit. This helps to create a positive experience for you and your child. While your child adapts to their new environment, parents can have a coffee or tea with a staff member onsite.

During the orientation process, we aim to get to know your child's likes, dislikes and normal home routines, so they can be emulated in the room.

We also work through a risk assessment plan together and the Family Handbook to answer any further questions you may have. Make sure to check what your child needs to bring (and not to bring) with them to the centre.

WhatToBring Title

We provide most items for all children. However, to ensure your child is comfortable in the case of an accident or messy play, we ask that you pack a weather appropriate change of clothing for them.


For young children still on formula or breast milk, we ask that you bring this along in their own bottle for each feed, clearly marked with their name.


As toddlers begin to start toilet training and will invariably have a few accidents along the way, please ensure you pack at least 2-3 spare pairs of clothing for your child during this time.

In general

We adopt the SunSmart policy during September – April. Please ensure your child brings with them a sun-smart bucket hat in summer and a warm hat for outside play in winter.

Please ensure all clothing items are clearly marked with your child’s name.

As we have children with allergies, we strictly enforce no food to be brought into the centre from home.

If you have any further questions about what to bring, please read our Family Handbook or contact your Centre Director. 

Medication Title

Only medications prescribed by a medical practitioner or by a pharmacist with a chemist dispensing label will be administered. The medication must be in the original bottle or container with the child’s name, dosage details, health professional/pharmacist name and the most recent prescribed date clearly labelled.

Parents are advised that sick children who are receiving medication must have completed a full dose over a 24-hour period before recommencing care.

If a child requires medication to be administered during their time at the YMCA please review our Family Handbook for instructions on the processes we are required to complete.

Immunisation Title

Your child’s immunisation record or Immunisation Exemption Certificate needs to be provided to the Director upon enrolment at the Centre and when updated. It is your responsibility to ensure your child’s records are maintained by informing the Centre Director of updated immunisations schedules.

It is also your responsibility to ensure the Family Assistance office has the relevant information as required to ensure access to Child Care Benefits is not interrupted.

Information is available at the Centre regarding immunisation schedules for both children and adults and is available in a variety of languages.

The service also maintains information on all staff’s immunisation status.

DropPick Title

All children must be signed in and out of the service by their legal guardian or whoever is authorised on their enrolment form.

The person signing your child in and out must print and sign their name, time of arrival, and expected departure time. The printed name of the person who will be collecting your child that day must also be written during this arrival procedure.

On arrival, do not leave your child unaccompanied in a room, the hallway or outside without a
staff member present. Please speak to staff to ensure they are aware of your child’s arrival and to pass on any relevant information.

We encourage a positive separation; please seek a staff member’s help during your goodbye. It is important not to 'sneak away' as this will confuse your child. Always say 'goodbye' and reinforce that you will return later.

A parent diary is available for communication of any parent notes for the staff that day.

Please don't hesitate to speak with your educator or Centre Director, if you feel that you or child need assistance with coming in or leaving the Centre.