Looking to start Before and After School Care? We've outlined the enrolment and booking process below.

New to Before and After School Care? Follow the 'Enrolment steps for new families' below before booking your child's place.

Already enrolled? Follow the 'How to book your child's place' steps below.

Enrolment steps for new families

1. Create a My Family Lounge account

My Family Lounge is our online booking and enrolment system. You can access the My Family Lounge website on your desktop computer or on a mobile device. There's also a My Family Lounge app, which you can download via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

If this is your first time booking into our programs, you'll need to register for a My Family Lounge account to enrol your child. Once you've set up an account, you'll receive an email with a link to complete your registration.


2. Gather your documents

To complete your enrolment, you'll need to provide certain information. We suggest collecting the following documents before you get started.

  • Payment information: You'll need to add your billing information to set up a direct debit. You can do this by selecting 'Update billing information' on the top right hand corner of the enrolment form. Please note your child will not be able to start care until these details have been provided.

  • Contact information: You'll need to provide primary and secondary contact details for your account. The primary contact is the parent or guardian registered for Centrelink benefits.

  • Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN): You'll need to provide your child's CRN as well as the CRN for the person claiming Child Care Subsidy (we'll need this to submit your Child Care Subsidy application).

  • Immunisation history statement: You'll need to upload an up-to-date copy of your child's immunisation certificate. You can download this from your myGov account.

  • Child's birth certificate: You'll need to upload a copy of your child's birth certificate.

  • Medical management plans: If your child has a chronic illness or medical condition (such as anaphylaxis, allergies or asthma) you will need to upload a copy of their medical management plan.

3. Complete the enrolment form

To complete the enrolment form:

  • sign into My Family Lounge;

  • select 'Add child' to upload the details for each child you want to enrol;

  • select 'Start enrolment';

  • complete the online enrolment form.

You'll need to complete a separate enrolment form for each child that you want to enrol in our Before and After School Care programs.

When completing the enrolment form, remember to:

  • choose the service you wish to enrol into;

  • provide the contact details for the primary contact person and secondary contact person;

  • upload your child's birth certificate;

  • upload immunisation history statements and any medical management plans;

  • input your billing information for the direct debit;

  • read the terms and conditions;

  • submit.

Once you've submitted the enrolment form for each child, you'll receive a confirmation email. You're now ready to make a Before and After School Care booking.

How to book your child's place

There are two different types of Before and After School Care bookings: permanent or casual. 

Permanent bookings guarantee your child has a place on your chosen days whereas casual bookings are subject to availability.

Permanent bookings

  • Sign into My Family Lounge.
  • Go to 'Booking request' and select 'New request'.
  • Select the service type you require ('Before School Care', 'After School Care' or both).
  • Select your chosen centre and preferred days.
  • Provide any details around your flexibility.
  • Select 'Save'.

The centre will then review your permanent booking request and accept it if there's availability. My Family Lounge will update to show your request was accepted and we'll send you an offer of place via email. You'll need to accept the offer to secure your child's place.

Casual bookings

  • Go to 'Add casual booking' to bring up the calendar.
  • Select your child.
  • Select your service (the location you want to book at).
  • Select your room (e.g. Before or After School Care).
  • Find the day you want to book in the calendar.
  • Select 'Book selected day'.
  • Select 'Save & exit'.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.

If there's availability for your chosen day, your booking will be instantly accepted. You can view the booking under 'Casual bookings'.

How to manage your booking

Casual bookings

If you need to change or cancel your casual booking, you can only do this via My Family Lounge. Changes cannot be made by phone or email. Read our enrolment changes information for more details.

Please note that we require at least seven days' notice for changes and cancellations to bookings. There will be no option to cancel if there are less than seven days until your booking and you will be charged for the service.

Permanent bookings

To change or cancel a permanent booking for Before and After School Care, you will need to email your centre to provide written notice. This must be done within the seven days' notice period. Check your location's page for the contact email address.

Find out more about making enrolment changes.

Remember, you can't book a place without your billing information, your child's birth certificate, immunisation history statement and medical management plan.

Got a question? Check out our frequently asked questions about our Before and After School Care programs.