COVID-19 is still in our community. To reduce the spread of the virus we follow the Victorian Government Department of Health and Department of Education requirements and guidelines across all of our Early Learning Centres.

We currently follow the Victorian Government's four steps checklist in addition to all requirements and advice as outlined here.

As information, recommendations and restrictions about the Covid-19 pandemic is changing rapidly this document will be adjusted when possible and necessary. However, due to the changes occurring quickly, it is possible for measures listed to be outdated. Therefore, please be aware that these measures were accurate as of 28 December 2023.

The YMCA is also aware that guidelines for children, especially in an education setting can differ to guidelines for the rest of the community. Therefore, some measures in YMCA Victoria facilities listed in this document deemed to be unnecessary for children may be altered or removed to reflect this.

Please be aware that the YMCA Victoria endeavours to keep up to date with all measures recommended by the government and relevant health authorities