Our payment process is the same across all our programs. See our payment processes below.

Need to update your billing information?

Fill in our form to easily update your billing information online. 

How to make payments

All payments must be made by direct debit. Unfortunately, cash and / or cheques are not accepted for our services.

It is important you understand that you cannot make a booking or attend our service without providing your billing information to ensure the direct debit is in place.

Children cannot attend if these details are incorrect or if your account has been suspended (due to non-payment).

If you need to supply or update your billing information, please sign in to My Family Lounge, select 'Update billing information' and complete the form.

When are direct debits made?

Direct debits are made every fortnight. Each direct debit will withdraw payment in advance for your bookings in the upcoming fortnight.

View our direct debit calendar to see our statement dates and direct debit dates.

How will I know how much I'll be debited?

You will be emailed an account statement before the direct debit is processed. This statement will show:

  • the payments that will be direct debited for permanent bookings plus any casual bookings for the next two week period (if booked by the time the statement is released);

  • an estimation of the subsidies you may be entitled to.

You'll also be able to view your previous two direct debit payments, as well as your approved subsidies for that period.

Your payment calculation includes your estimated individual Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approval by Centrelink or other government entitlements to your account.

The amount you need to pay appears at the top-right hand side of the statement.

What if my Child Care Subsidy is missing from my statement?

There may be a reason why the government has not applied the subsidy to your bookings. If this is the case you will be able to see this in your myGov account.

If there is no explanation in your myGov account, sign in to My Family Lounge and check that your Customer Reference Number (CRN) information and eligible contact are correct.

If that all looks normal, email our team on cp.support@ymca.org.au. We can confirm if the CCS enrolment has been submitted.

Can I get a subsidy for multiple children?

You may get a higher Child Care Subsidy (CCS) if you have more than one child attending child care. Find out more about the Additional Child Care Subsidy.

Will Free Kinder affect my payments?

Yes. Families who attend a sessional kindergarten program will not have to pay any fees for sessional kindergarten.

For families enrolled in an integrated kindergarten program, 'Free Kinder' will appear as a weekly credit of $50.00 on your invoice.

Learn more about Free Kinder.

Do you offer holiday discounts for your early learning programs?

We offer families who permanently book long day care and integrated kindergarten a reduced fee of 50% for up to two weeks per calendar year. This can be used if you will be absent from the service (such as if you go on holiday). Families can take this in either one or two week blocks by providing two weeks' written notice.

For example, a family with a permanent Monday to Friday booking would be eligible to receive a 50% discount on the cost of care for that week. Likewise, a family with a permanent booking on a Monday would receive a 50% discount for that day only.

What are your account management fees?

The account management fees listed below apply to all families.

Account management


Credit card fee 1.5% inc GST
Dishonour fee $20.00 inc GST
Reinstatement for suspended accounts $100.00 inc GST

What if I have a question about my statement?

If you have any further questions, please email cp.support@ymca.org.au