Our summer school holiday activity program is now available online. Find your location below to view its specific summer dates and the program schedule.

School holidays are a fun way for your child to create new experiences, make friends and learn from experienced educators.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about our school holiday programs.

  • What to wear (clothing)

    To ensure your child feels comfortable and can engaged in all activities, we ask they wear the following: 

    • Comfortable clothing
    • Closed shoes and socks
    • Hat for sun protection (all year round)
    • Warm clothing for cooler months
    • Clothing that is suitable for art activities – leave the good clothes at home!
  • Items to bring (food, safety gear)

    We ask that your child brings the following items each day:

    • Pack a healthy, nut-free, morning tea and lunch,
    • Drink bottle for water,
    • Some spare clothing (just in case),

    Your OSHC Coordinator will inform you via email if your child needs to bring any additional items for specific activities.

    For example, your child would need to bring a helmet and safety gear for Bike and Scooter Day.

  • Activity types and arrival times

    Our School Holiday Programs offer the following types of activities:

    • In house: Children remain on-site for a fun day of activities.
    • Incursion: We are visited by an external provider to undertake an activity with the children.
    • Excursion: A day outside of the service where we visit an exciting destination.
    • Arrive by: 9:00am for in house and incursion days, 8:30am for excursion days.

    Please note that some excursions may require an earlier arrival time. Your OSHC Coordinator will inform you of this in advance.

  • Contact details and location

    Each School Holiday Program location has a profile page on this website that lists its contact details and address.

  • Behavioural support

    Positive and respectful behaviour is always promoted and encouraged.

    If you have strategies in place that will support your child to have a great day, please contact your OSHC Coordinator at least two weeks in advance.

    This will ensure we can create an appropriate environment and organise suitable resources to support their time at the program.

  • Medical support

    If your child requires medical support during the program your OSHC Coordinator will help you to complete the following documents:

    • In Date Action Plan signed by a doctor
    • Completed YMCA Medical Authorisation (only if medication is required at the program)
    • Medication in the original packaging, labelled and in date
    • Risk Assessment to support your child at the program

    Your OSHC Coordinator will supply these documents, This process normally occurs during your child's initial booking and enrolment process.

    Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early on your child’s first day at the program, as you may need to sign additional paperwork.

    Contact your OSHC Coordinator directly to discuss your child's needs further.

  • Subsidies (CCS and additional support)

    Our YMCA School Holiday Programs qualify for the federal governments Child Care Subsidy, which may reduce your out of pocket fees.

    Your family may qualify for additional funding/subsidy support. However, a minimum of six weeks notice is required to start the application process.