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Please note fee changes will be effective from Monday 8 July 2024.

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Bookings are now open for our 2024 winter holiday program!

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School Holiday Program 

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Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre

School Holiday Program

Our Wonthaggi holiday program provides an opportunity for your child to learn from new experiences through a fun mix of activities, while making friends along the way.

We offer a wide variety of interest-based in-house activities, themed incursions and exciting excursions. Our holiday programs are run by experienced Educators who help your child become more confident and independent.

Activities could include meeting cute animals, rocking out at a music workshop, or playing the latest video games with your friends. We do regular excursions too, such as to Wonthaggi Arts Centre.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming program – we'll share the schedule on this page about four weeks before the school holidays start.

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Winter Holiday Program

Bookings are now open for our Winter 2024 School Holiday Program! The program runs on weekdays from Monday 1 July to Friday 12 July 2024.

We've planned a bumper program of school holiday activities that will interest your child over the holidays. There are three different types of activity days.

Activity days

  • In-house (activities run by our Educator team)
  • Incursion (activities run by visitors to our service)
  • Excursion (activities run at an off-site location)

What to bring

  • Lunch and snack (nutritious and nut free)
  • SunSmart hat and sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Weather appropriate clothing and shoes
  • Swimwear, towel and change of clothes as required (if an activity involves water)

You can also read our School Holiday Program FAQs.

The prices listed in the table below are the full fee for each day. If you're entitled to Child Care Subsidy, what you actually pay could be significantly reduced. 


Holiday activity details

Week 1          1 - 5 July 2024
1 July
Magic Show
Get ready to be dazzled! A master magician is coming to bring the magic to life with an electrifying interactive workshop!
Join the spectacle and unlock the secrets as you dive into your very own trick!
Category: In house
Cost: $73.00
2 July
Lights, camera, action! Sit back and relax, because we’re heading to
our local cinema to watch the latest new release movie.
Category: Excursion
Cost: $98.00
3 July
Winter Wonderland
Get ready for a flurry of winter crafts inspired by the snowy scenes outside! After crafting, we'll head out to play in the winter wonderland and enjoy steaming cups of hot chocolate.
Category: In house
Cost: $73.00
4 July
Friendship Day
Get ready to celebrate our amazing friends! We're gearing up for a
day of laughter, games, and getting crafty together.
Category: In house
Cost: $73.00
5 July
Fire Safety Adventure Day
Get ready to roll with CFA Kids Chat - where fire safety meets fun on the go! Join us as we explore the exciting world of fire safety and trucks, sparking curiosity and empowering young minds to become fire safety champions!
Category: In house
Cost: $73.00


Holiday activity details

Week 2          8 - 12 July 2024
8 July
Pyjama Party
Just roll out of bed and join us in your comfiest PJ's!
t's pyjama party time, where we'll build epic
forts and cook up a storm of fun!
Category: In house
Cost: $73.00
9 July
Get ready to tumble, soar and flip as we dive into the word of gymnastics! We will introduce
children to the fundamental skills and excitement of Gymnastics!
Category: In house
Cost: $73.00
10 July
Clip N Climb
It’s Clip ‘n Climb time. Take the Leap of Faith, the Vertical Drop Slide
or test yourself with the Speed Wall. Something for everyone.
Category: Excursion
Cost: $98.00
11 July
Build a Bear
Today, we're diving into a world of softness and fluffiness! Get ready
to create your own cuddly companion to cherish forever.
Category: Incursion
Cost: $88.00
12 July
Animal Mania
Enter our Petting Zoo School Holiday Program to interact with friendly animals,
learn their care, and enjoy hands-on activities in a fun, educational setting.
Category: Incursion
Cost: $88.00


We offer three types of activity days which are priced differently:

  • in-house: activities run by our Educator team;
  • incursion: activities run by visitors to our service;
  • excursion: activities run at an off-site location.

The table below lists the current daily fee for our in-house activities at Bass Coast Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

Prices for incursions and excursions will be available when the program is open for bookings (approximately four weeks before the start of the holidays).

Holiday program


You pay as little as*

In-house activity $76.00 $7.60
Incursion activity Price available when each holiday program is released.
Excursion activity Price available when each holiday program is released.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

Our holiday programs qualify for the Federal Government's Child Care Subsidy (CCS). CCS helps eligible families access approved and registered child care providers by partially subsidising the cost of daily fees.

The 'Fee' price listed in the table on this page is the full permanent or casual daily fee for each program without any CCS entitlements.

*The 'You pay as little as' price is an example of how little you could pay if you qualify for the maximum CCS percentage (90%) as provided by the Federal Government. We've calculated this price to allow for the 5% withheld by Services Australia to reduce the chances of an overpayment.

When our holiday programs are open for bookings, you'll be able to see the prices for each activity on this page. These prices are the daily price and do not include any CCS you may be entitled to, which could significantly reduce your out of pocket expense.

Learn more about Child Care Subsidy or visit the Service Australia website for more information. We also recommend using this CCS calculator to estimate your new subsidy payments. 

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